Birdcage Scaffolding, also known as interior or independent Scaffolding, is a type of Scaffolding that offers access to the interior of a structure or area and surrounds the working areas like a birdcage. We offer Birdcages scaffolding for construction, maintenance, and various other projects.

These special scaffoldings are commonly used when working on projects that involve vertical structures like columns, walls, or ceilings, where external access is limited. It offers a stable and secure elevated platform for workers to perform their tasks at various heights. We at “Up & Away Scaffolding” offer the best type of Birdcage Scaffoldings per your needs.

Our specialties

  • We create customized scaffolding designs per your requirements and install them safely to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • We erect the birdcage scaffolding structure per the safety regulations and design specifications.
  • We regularly check and maintain the installed Scaffolding to ensure its stability and safety throughout the project’s duration.

After the completion of the project, we properly dismantle and remove the scaffolding structure without causing any harm to the building.

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