Stationary Towers

Some may call stationary tower scaffolds fixed or static tower scaffolds, which are necessary for construction purposes. They provide a safe, elevated platform for workers to perform tasks at heights without safety concerns. These scaffolds are Ideal for projects that need an extended duration of work in one place. We at “Up & Away Scaffolding” offer the best quality stationery towers that protect workers and buildings from potential harm.

Our specialties

  • We properly assemble stationary tower Scaffolds and ensure optimum safety and stability. We have experienced professionals trained in scaffold assembly per industry standards and regulations.
  • Our experts care for all the necessary safety concerns and customize your scaffold per your project needs. This includes choosing the right size, height, and configurations in accordance with your needs.
  • We at “Up & Away Scaffolding” regularly inspect and maintain your scaffold setup to identify potential issues. We never compromise the safety of workers.
  • After completion of the project, our experts carefully dismantle and remove the scaffold.
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