Elevated stages are needed for better visibility and engagement in concerts, theater productions, festivals, and other performances. We offer specialized scaffolding solutions to create sturdy and secure stages that satisfy the event’s needs. We offer rental, installation, and management of scaffolding structures for all important events.

Our specialties

  • We provide necessary scaffolding materials for rent, including metal tubes, platforms, clamps, connectors, and other safety accessories.
  • We properly consult with event organizers and design a scaffolding structure in accordance with the needs of the event.
  • Our expert team can properly set up and install the scaffolding structure on-site. This involves proper assembly, securing the Scaffolding, and ensuring its stability.
  • We strictly follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of performers and workers.
  • After completion of the event, we carefully dismantle and remove the Scaffolding. We take care that the dismantling is safe and efficient.
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